Revolutionary double pane + blinds window– efficient design

Revolutionary double pane + blinds window– efficient design


Starting a new business needs a sensitivity knowing what the people need more over the competitor isn’t many. This business idea hopefully can be the inspiration. “Revolutionary double pane + blinds window– efficient design”

Description:      There doesn’t seem to be anything like this on the market.

My idea the concept of polarization, and allows for the construction of a double pane window that can either allow in polarized light, reducing glare on any screen, or COMPLETELY trap out light (much more efficiently than a window + blinds set). The mechanism for the closing of the blind is very simple– a single 90 degree rotation.

The customer is the higher end housing market– implementation of these windows will ultimately serve functions for houses.

There are no competitors with this idea right now.

This idea is unique in that we can have 100% efficiency in shutting out light from a room (good for dark rooms, places that need absolutely no light if possible, and completely trapping out heat from the outside sun), and also provides for a polar filtration of light, reducing glare on anything with a screen. In the modern age, where computers are ubiquitous, such an investment may be essential.

It is a great way to push forward housing architecture, and aesthetically it would be one of the most sought-after window designs for high end houses. I hope it will be your inspiration to execute this business idea to be one of your success path of being an entrepreneur.



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